My story in business, is a little different than most story’s in business and how it can to forwishen. At 38 years old, my lifelong dream was always to be in the fishing industry somehow some way. Any chance I got I was always at a pond, lake or stream as a kid. In my mid teen years I start fishing competitive bass tournaments and having success with that. Winning 23 Canadian titles, I felt this could really go somewhere. At the time I had several guys come to me and ask “What are you using”?  I was always interested in making my own tackle. I told them, that I make my own jigs and tackle, than they proceeded to place orders with me for the jigs I was doing well with. The first set of guy now had won two events on my jigs and team of the year in their club, so needless to say they were happy customers. The first 3 months were a total shock. I went from making 15-20 jigs a year for myself, to making 1000 pieces as I was also holding down a full time job in the process. The snowball effect had definitely kicked in and year two I was on track to over 5000 pieces. Today we have ramped up production and on track for 100,000+ pieces a year and I could not be happier. To make a long story short I now have turned my passion into reality and own and operate The Perfect Jig. We have been fulltime now in business for 7 full years (started in 2006 partime) and I am very thankful to get to live my dream every day. Hard work does pay off….

Shipping Information

Please note we do not ship to P.O Boxes. All shipment will be send out with in 48hours of payment. Please be advised that shipping depends on the location your located in. Please allow 7-10 business days from when the order is processed. Thank you. All shipments will be sent through a courier service.