Goby Football heads


The Goby has become one of the most popular invasive species among great lakes community of fish. Being able to match the hatch is key in getting these fish to bite, especially when they see thousands of real gobys a day. Our new goby football head will allow anglers to set up there goby bait, swimbait or football jig in a way that will look natural to the fish. With our four colour paint process on these heads, we think that its the best colour match and most life like paint job an angler will see for a goby imitation. All football jigs are poured on a medium guage mustad hook for maxium penetration. A smaller and more compact feel to thses jigs to mimic the size of an actual goby

1/4oz- 3pk (2/0 hook)

3/8- 3pk (2/0 hook)

1/2- 2pk (2/0 hook)

3/4- 2pk (2/0 hook)

1oz- 2pk (3/0 hook)

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