The Elite Jig Kit


Weather your a beginner, advanced or a tournament angler this elite kit is for you!!! Great gift idea for parents, Grandparents, Uncles and friends or treat your favorite angler to this amazing gift!!! Our one of a kind Perfect Jig elite kits is fully loaded for every situation on the water. Its come with everything from jigs, trailers for the jigs, tungsten weights, bobber stops, flipping hooks and a 10% coupon, for your next restocking. All this in a Elite Tackle tray for all your gear!!! (colours shown in the kits may vary)

This Assorted Elite kit includes:

  • 1 Elite jig
  • 1 Arky jig
  • 1 Finesse jig
  • 1 Swim jig
  • 1 Punch jig
  • 2 punch skirts
  • 2 packs for 4″ Beavers
  • 1 pk of flipping hooks
  • 1 pk of Bobber stops
  • 1 pk of 5″ flippin sticks
  • 1 Decal
  • 1 pk of Tungsten weights
  • 1 Elite tackle tray
  • 1  10% off coupon for your next order!!!

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